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Put simply, Uplift Skin Boob Tape and Nipple Covers offer a modern solution to an age-old problem. Let’s clear a few things up. Our boob tape and nipple covers are not just for use on fancy or formal occasions. They’re not just for celebrities or scantily-clad model types.Our breast solution products are widely loved and lauded for their strength, sturdiness and soft, natural look. Uplift’s fresh new approach to booby tape and nipple covers is the perfect match for women who want to live an elevated life: lifted, in every way.

  • For girls going backless...

  • For girls on the move...

  • For girls going strapless...

  • For girls wearing plunging necklines...

  • Or for girls going braless.

  • We're here to lift you.

Get Lifted

We’re the breast tape experts - so let us give you some golden nuggets on how to make the most of your new breast friend, the Uplift Skin Boob Tape and Nipple Covers.


Uplift Skin Breast Tape lifts and enhances cleavage for a desirable look under any outfit!

Want to rock that plunging neckline but don't feel like wearing a bra? Look no further than Uplift Skin Breast Tape! With just a little bit of tape, you can get the perfect lift and cleavage you desire while also getting the support you need under your clothes. No need to worry about uncomfortable straps or pesky hooks - Uplift Skin Breast Tape has got you covered! Plus, it moves naturally with your body, so you can strut your stuff with confidence, no matter how tricky your outfit may be. So go ahead, give your girls the lift they deserve with Uplift Skin Breast Tape!

Unlike other tapes that can be painful to remove and lack strength, Uplift Skin Breast Tape is designed to be gentle on your skin while providing maximum support. Thanks to its unique adhesive formula, it can lift even the heaviest of breasts without compromising your comfort.

So whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or simply want to add a little extra lift to your everyday look, Uplift Skin Breast Tape is the solution you've been looking for. Trust in the original breast lift tape and experience the comfort and confidence that comes with beautifully supported breasts.

If you've ever considered undergoing the expense and risks of surgical breast lifts, you may want to try Uplift Skin Boobie Tape instead. This safe and affordable alternative allows you to create the appearance of a breast lift without the need for surgery.

Uplift Skin Boobie Tape not only gives you the lift you desire, but it also provides a versatile solution for wearing all types of dresses, including v-neck, backless, low cut, and strapless styles, without the need for a traditional bra.

So whether you're getting ready for a special occasion or simply want to feel confident and comfortable in any outfit, Uplift Skin Boobie Tape is a reliable and effective option for achieving the lift and support you need. Trust in this low-cost and non-invasive alternative and enjoy the freedom to wear any dress with confidence.

The key feature of Uplift Skin Breast Tape is that it comes in a roll and you can cut your own length according to measure to minimise wastage. Have you noticed other products on the market claiming to lift breasts but do not actually hold the breasts sufficiently? Uplift Skin Breast Tape has the strength to hold breasts and the longevity to last all day and night.

We recommend using nipple covers before applying Uplift Skin Nipple Civers as an extra precaution to sensitive nipples.

A Uplift Skin Breast Tape roll is 5 meters long! It will depend on the size of your breasts. If you have a larger breast you will require more Uplift Skin Breast Tape to hold your breasts in the desired position. For smaller breasts, or breasts wanting to create cleavage you may find that you require less tape than a larger bust. On average, you may get 5 to 15 applications of Uplift Skin Breast Tape depending on breast size.

This is super important! Skin that is not clean and dry will be oily and can prevent the adhesive from sticking properly. Please make sure your skin is free of: 

Lotions and Oils (including moisturizing soaps and body washes that leave lotion on your skin)

Powders, concealers, or any makeup products

Perfumes or deodorants



Fresh spray tan

Never rip the tape off of dry skin as this can result in minor tearing and breaking of the skin. Pressing down firmly on the skin/ breast whilst pulling the tape is most effective and stops the pull to the skin. 

Always use your favourite moisturiser or oil (coconut or baby oil) around the edges of the tape to help dissolve the adhesive when removing to stop any pull. Oil-based is better as this will dissolve the adhesive.

Start from the bottom corner and pull up gently taking it slowly. Do not peel down and against the skin.

Yes, it's made from a mix of cotton and nylon with the adhesive being acrylic.

There is no zinc oxide in our tape.

We HIGHLY recommend doing a skin test to confirm you will not get an irritation. Skin test should be on for 24 hours. (cut a small piece and place it on the area you are going to be using your tape)


We recommend not to leave your tape on over 8 hours.

Do not apply over damaged or burnt skin.

Do not use if pregnant.

We allow 14 days from the date of purchase for the owner to claim their parcel. If it is unclaimed and returned to the sender, you forfeit your Uplift Skin Breast Tape, and additional tape will have to be purchased.

Our boob tape range is made up of a 95% cotton and 5% spandex blend and we use medical-grade acrylic adhesive. The tape is stretchy and sticky allowing you to easily position your boobs however you want.

Even though our products are medical-grade, we always recommend testing it on your skin 24 hours before your intended use. 

You can do this by cutting a two-inch square of tape and sticking it to your boob/chest and leaving it on for 8 hours (remember chest skin is different from the rest of your body!).

We suggest cutting the tape before applying it, as peeling it back from the skin may result in reduced adhesion when reapplying. However, it's recommended to cut the tape only if necessary. For those who wear strapless or bandeau styles and are above a size DD and not eligible for the bandeau tape, we suggest cutting the tape 2-3 inches shorter before application.

In general, tape products like ours are not reusable, similar to band-aids or medical adhesive bandages. Unlike silicone products, which often use a reusable gel-based adhesive that isn't strong enough to hold up heavy breasts, our stretchy cotton tape uses a thermal adhesive that is super strong and prevents the lifts from coming loose. Once the tape is stuck down and removed, it cannot be readjusted as the adhesive peels away upon removal. Each pack of our tape products includes several pairs, but never apply the tape to broken skin.

Skin irritation is possible when wearing the tape for a long time or in a warm environment, and the heat-activated adhesive may cause pores to react. This is a normal reaction that usually subsides after use. To remove any residual adhesive, clean the skin with cool water and a gentle cleanser or exfoliate after removing the tape. Please read all safety disclaimers before using the product and wait until your skin fully recovers before using it again.

Uplift Skin boobie tape is somewhat waterproof. Apply it to dry skin and wait 30 minutes before applying sunscreen or entering water to ensure complete bonding. The tape can withstand swimming once fully bonded. Avoid sunbathing in the tape to prevent heat blisters caused by the sun's heat making the adhesive stickier.

Due to the nature of this product, there are no returns/refunds.

For all wholesale orders please contact:

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

1pm Australian Eastern Standard time.

$12 Australian Dollars.

Australia Post.

Please allow 5-14 business days.

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