Your Boobs Are Our Business....Literally.

You may have guessed by now - but we’re a little different than your average booby brand. We’re not all bandage dresses and plunging necklines (although, don’t get us wrong - we love a red carpet moment). We’re about women, living comfortably. Freely. Uplifted. Because we know that a comfortable woman is a confident woman. We needed a product that would effectively hold and support breasts of all sizes, on women of all shapes. And we didn’t want to sacrifice a luxurious, intimate feel.

From the morning run, to the full-day slog at the office, drinks with friends, kids activities, the beach and more - our days are filled to the brim. And our cups? They may just be overfilling. Women have enough on their plate. The last thing they should have to worry about is an unsightly bra strap or - gasp! - an areola escapee. At Uplift Skin, we are proud to offer an intimate and mature breast tape solution for all women.

Using ergonomic design, Uplift Skin’s Hollywood tape and nipple covers have a sleek, intimate look with a barely-there feeling. Despite the soft look and feel, Uplift Skin puts in work, remaining firmly adhered to the breast, sweat resistant and completely breathable.

Booby tape is not just for the young go-hards and social calendar sweeties; it’s for anyone with breasts.If you have breasts, it is our mission to fill you with confidence. To lift you up, your girlfriends up - and, well, your girls up.Welcome to Uplift Skin. We’re so happy to have you here.